Put your phone down and live life

I am from what they call “generation Y”, where we did not grow up with using our smartphones as a means of all communications, from videoing to constant texting. There was no Facebook or Instagram. We actually had to speak in person or on our landline phone. To me it is truly sad how our society has made human interaction actually very difficult. I completely understand how people have anxiety and it’s easier for them to use their phone at times. However when issues arise in our lives, when we have interpersonal problems, text messaging should never be used as a means of communication nor should social media. Words actually can hurt a person immensely, I’ve seen it happen and I’ve lived through that pain too. Now, do I have an active social media account, yes I do: Instagram which is used mostly for my healthy living journey and accountability, it is never used to resolve serious issues.

So, I will leave you with this article I found which pretty much sums up how I feel! 😀 But warning….there are obscenities and some might be offended 😉 : Stop Texting




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